Beginning To Think About Our50th Anniversary

During this week Kate continues to feel some frustration over her AD. She has said “I am a disaster.” Also “I am a basket case.”

Our pastor called me on Thursday afternoon, and we had a lengthy conversation. He was calling related to a personnel matter (a replacement for our church organist) but also asked about Kate. I gave him a rundown on the situation which corresponds rather well with what I have written within these pages.

Last night Kate and I had a conversation related to our desire for travel in the years ahead. We also talked about our 50th wedding anniversary in 2013. Her priorities are to go to the Galapagos and New Zealand and then Russia. We also agreed that we would like to have a family celebration for our 50th. I am going to look into a beach house somewhere along the Gulf coast of Florida or Alabama. I didnt tell her, but I am especially interested in this experience in connection with her Alzheimer’s and decline. I can’t help wondering now if the children will know by then. I have to believe that if we spend a week together, they will have to suspect.