More Discouragement

Last night we had a nice evening – a fire, wine and cheese and olives, and good conversation. Kate indicated that she was discouraged over her decline. We both talked about making the most of the time we have together. We never talk in terms of specific amount of time, but I think she believes we have more time than I do.

This conversation was brought up by my showing her a video on Michael J. Fox and Family Ties and a song, “At this Moment.” I first heard this on the show and loved it but didn’t know the name. Periodically over the years I have thought about getting it. Yesterday I went to YouTube and found a part of the episode that included the song and then downloaded it from iTunes.

I put it and 24 other songs on a playlist on my iPhone and played them while we talked. The last song was a repeat of the first one I played, “At this Moment.” She had no recollection of the song when it was played again. Even though I had played it a couple of times and she indicated she liked it as well. That is when she said something about being discouraged.