Follow Up to Yesterday’s Post

I don’t intend to write something every day, but I did want to add a couple of things from yesterday and today. First, I didn’t indicate yesterday that I had planned to take the full day off as soon as I knew Kate had the appointment with Dr. Reasoner. That worked out well. After our lunch at Casa Bella, we came home. We had picked up Kate’s laptop from the shop; so she wanted to catch up on email, etc., having been without the computer for the past few days. I took a little time to work on my Sunday school lesson and to start this particular document.

I prepared to make my daily visit to Dad at the nursing facility around 4:00 pm. Before leaving I asked Kate if she would like to go to see Harvey at one of our local theaters. She said she would; so I called and got tickets on the second row. We had a good time. It was good to laugh.

This morning Kate was scheduled to attend a PEO  event at a Methodist church on the other side of town. I dropped her off and drove to a nearby mall  where I intended to walk for an hour or so. I got a call before getting out of the car. It turns out the meeting is next week. It was not Kate’s fault; the date was printed incorrectly in the calendar that had been distributed to everyone.

We then spent an hour and a half at the mall. She shopped, and I walked. Then we went to lunch. We had a good time. She indicated she was feeling better today, and so was I.

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