Another Good Day with the New Sitter

In a previous update about Cindy, Kate’s new sitter, I mentioned how happy I was about the way she and Kate have connected. While it may be too early to think this is a perfect relationship, I continue to be impressed. They had another good day on Wednesday.

When Cindy arrived, Kate was delighted to see her. That made me feel good. I didn’t leave right away. When I did, Kate gave me a sad look and said, “Your leaving?” I explained that I had some errands to run and that Cindy would be with her. Cindy immediately engaged her in conversation, and I slipped away.

When I returned, the two of them were seated on the sofa looking at one of her photo books. Kate asked me to join them, and I did. After a few minutes, Cindy said she had to take care of dinner for her husband. Kate seemed just as disappointed to see her leave as she had been when I left earlier. She reached out her arms and gave Cindy a hug and said, “Will you be coming back?” She was pleased to know that she will be.

Cindy has quickly become a bright spot in our lives. When talking with Kate, I have referred to all of the sitters as your “friend” rather than “sitter” or “caregiver.” Cindy, however, is the first to come close to being one. I couldn’t be happier. Kate has needed this kind of relationship from the beginning.

The icing on the cake is my recent use of a friend who can fill in occasionally. She will help me out tomorrow and Monday, two days when our regulars are unavailable. As I may have said before, we are in better shape than ever in terms of in-home care. That’s good because there are many other things to which I need to attend.