Morning Hallucination

As I was finishing my previous post, I heard Kate talking on the video cam. I walked into the bedroom and saw that she was lying on her side facing my side of the bed. She seemed to be watching something that moved from place to place. She said something like, “I see you. There you are,” and she moved her hands from one spot to another as if she were trying to catch whatever it was.

She saw me and smiled. I told her it was nice to see that smile. She looked at my shirt, and said, “I like that. They have them every year.” It was clear to me that she was having one of her “dreaming while awake” experiences. Maybe it’s better to say she was hallucinating. I stayed with her a few minutes and then asked if she wanted to get up or rest a little longer. She said, “I think I’ll just stay here a while.” I told her I would be in the kitchen if she needed me.

She continued to talk off and on for the next fifteen minutes or so. I haven’t heard anything for a while. She must have fallen asleep.