Update on Reading

I am glad to report that Kate and I have continued reading together. We have now read The Velveteen Rabbit four times. Each time she has enjoyed it just as much as the first time. We have also read more than 100 pages of Anne Frank’s diary. Yesterday, we started Charlotte’s Web and have read more than 100 pages of it.

It has been exciting to see how much she has enjoyed everything I have read to her. She audibly expresses her reactions which seem to be appropriate to the things I am reading, for example, laughter at something funny, sadness when something bad happens.  I have been very careful not to overdo it. I stop after chapters in Charlotte’s Web and  daily entries in Frank’s diary and ask Kate if she would like to continue. So far, I have been the one to reach a stopping place. One of those times was with the diary. Kate was getting too sad, and I suggested we take a break. She agreed.

It is a special pleasure for me because I actually enjoy what we are reading as well. I’ve always liked Charlotte’s Web and had never read Frank’s diary. It is nice to add a new activity that involves both of us. The down side is that it takes away from my personal time, but I believe it is a net gain in pleasure for me.