Getting Back to Normal

As I expected, we had a rather quiet day yesterday. Kate slept until almost 11:00. She was in a good humor and smiled at me when I walked to her bedside. At first, I felt that she must have known me. I asked if she were hungry. She was and wanted her clothes. I pointed them out on the chair right next to the bed. She asked me to help her up. She sat up on the side of the bed. I got her clothes. As she started to dress, she looked up at me and said, “Who are you?” I told her my name. Somewhat hesitantly she said, “Are you my husband?” I told her I was.

When she was ready to go, we went to lunch. The only question I recall her asking was the name of the restaurant. I can’t be sure that she remembered my name and/or that I am her husband. She didn’t ask.

After lunch, we came back to the house where we relaxed almost an hour before going to get our hair cut. Apart from one small incident, she didn’t seem confused. That occurred after the stylist cut her hair, and I took my turn. I had given the iPad to her in the waiting area while I went to the back of the shop. In a few minutes, she came looking for me. She indicated that she didn’t know where she was to go. The stylist told her she could stay in a chair near me or that she could go back to the waiting area. I couldn’t hear exactly what was said, but Kate ended up staying in the waiting area where I had originally left her. I think that she had forgotten where I was and just needed to know.

The rest of the day was rather laid back. We came home and relaxed for a while before going to dinner. When we returned home, I watched the evening news while Kate worked on her iPad. Kate went to bed early but did not go to sleep. I was up later watching the first half of the Baylor/Vanderbilt game. When I got in bed, she was still awake. Much of the time she had been in bed running her fingers through her hair. She said that she was “making progress.” Otherwise, she seemed perfectly normal and didn’t get up at all during the night.