Hyper in the Morning. Mellow in the Afternoon.

Kate’s behavior was been a bit unusual yesterday morning. It started when she got up on the early side again. We even got to Panera in time to see some of our regular friends there. It had been almost two weeks since we had seen them. She was wide awake and seemed almost hyper. She was quite talkative, mostly kidding me about the usual things, my name, my nose, and my graying hair.

It started as we stepped from our laundry room into the garage. I handed her a sweater. As she was about to put it on, I said, “You could put it on before you get in the car.” She said, “Men.” She followed that with something like, “You say the dumbest things.” Once we were in the car, she asked my name. When I told her, she just laughed.

When we walked into Panera, we saw the group from the Catholic Church sitting across from the table where we usually sit. Normally, Kate would walk directly to the drink machine while I greet our friends. This time she said “Good Morning, Everyone” in a loud voice. Then she started talking about me. She was telling them that I am a big talker. They seemed surprised at the bold way in which she spoke since she is normally rather quiet.

Her talkative mood continued during lunch. Soon after we sat down at our table, she looked at me and said, “It’s a good thing you have a good personality.” I interpreted this to mean that I don’t look so good. As she frequently does, she commented on my nose and gray hair. We left the restaurant a little over an hour later. As we walked to the door, something unusual happened. Her mood changed dramatically. She gave me a serious look and said, “Are you going to divorce me?” I told her I love her and would never divorce her. In the car she said, “I want to thank you for your patience. You are very patient with me.” I am sure she had reflected on what she had been saying and was concerned about my feelings. It’s another good illustration of how well her senses are still working. The balance of the day she was in good spirits.