Our Fifty-fifth Anniversary

Kate and I married 55 years ago today. Like every young couple, we began with somewhat vague hopes and dreams. All we really knew was that we were in love. We could never have imagined all that lay ahead. The good news is our dreams have come true. I don’t mean in any specific way. What I mean is that our love is deeper now than every before and that are lives have not only been enriched by our experiences but by sharing them together.

Life is much different now. Kate hasn’t been able to remember birthdays or anniversaries for several years. I have talked about this anniversary several weeks. She has never been able to remember it. That sounds sad, and it is; however, neither of us is feeling sad this morning. Kate is living in the moment. As usual, she is happy with this moment. We’re on our way to Asheville where we have celebrated quite a few anniversaries. We’ll stay at the same hotel where we have stayed for the past 15 years or so. We’ll eat at the same restaurants. We’ll enjoy our time together. Kate won’t remember it, but I will. She has little or no memory, but she is still able to enjoy living through her senses. I am thankful for that. Most of all, however, even though she is forgetting my name, she still expresses her love for me as I do for her. Who would have thought that this far into Alzheimer’s life could be so rewarding. We are fortunate people.