Application for In-home Care

Today I took another step in the process of securing in-home care for Kate. At the moment, all we need is for someone to be here with her when I have to be gone. In particular, I have become uncomfortable leaving her in the early morning so that I can get to the Y. I plan to change my pattern and go in the afternoon. The plan calls for us to have someone here Monday from Noon to 4:00 and on Wednesday and Friday from 1:00 to 5:00.

With the changes that Kate is making I feel like making these preparations is appropriate. At the same time, I am becoming uneasy about breaking the news to her. Many times I have felt that the anticipation of problems is often greater than the actuality. I hope this will be the case. We are supposed to start next Wednesday. Our son will be here on Saturday, September 9. For that reason the following Monday and Wednesday, I have asked that they agency not send anyone.