Asking Permission

Kate’s requesting permission to work in the yard and specific places in the yard is becoming a regular pattern. It also extends to things like asking if she should take or leave the glass with her iced tea at the restaurant as she did tonight or take it with her. It has been a while, but on two different occasions, she has started to walk away with her glass from our favorite Mexican restaurant. One time the owner caught her and asked if she would like to have a take away glass. The other time I caught her before anyone noticed.

She also continues to make requests without verbalizing them. For example, with her glass of tea tonight, she just lifted it up and brought it to her chest with her face making the gesture of a question. Yesterday for the first time, she did this with someone else. She walked into the examination room with me at my ophthalmologist’s. She held up her iPad and gestured to the assistant who brought us to the room. The assistant didn’t know what she was asking. I told her.