More Signs of Memory Problems

Although we continue to get along reasonably well, there are instances of memory problems that occur throughout the day. For example, we came to Panera to work on our computers this afternoon. We looked for a table with an electrical outlet so that we would have access when our batteries ran out. When Kate’s battery was out she started looking for an outlet. I reminded her that we had one with our table. Then she was bothered by the sun as it began to shift and shine directly on her computer screen. I suggested a couple of chairs with an outlet in between. We went over there. In a few minutes, the sun shifted to where we were sitting. I told Kate to watch a woman at a table about 20 feet across the room from us. There was an outlet under her table. In a few minutes, Kate noticed that the woman was leaving. We picked up our things to move, but Kate didn’t know where to go. I had to point out where we were going.

I normally eat lunch with Kate, but yesterday I had a meeting at 10, 11, then lunch, and then was going to donate platelets at 2:00. For that reason, I went to Panera to get her a sandwich for lunch. I asked her if she wanted me to put it on the island or in the refrigerator. She said the refrigerator. Between lunch and donating platelets, I called home to check on her. I asked her if she had eaten the sandwich. First she said yes. Then she hesitated and sounded frustrated the way she often does when she doesn’t know the answer to a question I have asked. I told her it didn’t matter. When I got home, I noticed that the sandwich was still sitting in the refrigerator. She had obviously forgotten about it. Of course, this is not surprising since so much time had passed since I had told her about it.