Slight Unease in Public Gathering

Last night we went to a birthday party for our next door neighbor. It was a large gathering, perhaps as many as 150. There were many people we knew. We also go to the same church. Thus we had a lot of church members there as well as neighbors. In addition, there were other friends that we just happened to know. I had a good time. Kate did as well though she was not as enthusiastic about the event as I. At events like this, we often split up. That happened last night. I felt a little uneasy when it happened because of the large crowd and a feeling that she might feel lost when she didn’t know where I was. As it was, I believe I was the only one uneasy about being separated. On the other hand, I did get the impression that she was not enjoying herself as much as I. That is because I saw her a few times standing by herself while I was always engaged in conversation with somebody. At one point I saw her leave the room and walk down hallway toward the exit. She walked back before going very far.

Her behavior at the party makes me think that social situations like this are becoming more difficult for her. I suspect that the easy part is seeing someone, greeting them, and engaging in the usual small talk. After that, she may find it more challenging, especially when there are several people together, and she finds it difficult to process all that people are saying and respond appropriately. My assessment is that events like this are just too confusing for her.