Leaving for Memphis

Last night Kate asked me what time we were leaving for Memphis. I told her 10:00 although I was really shooting for 10:30. This morning she asked again. (I had not expected her to remember from last night.) We had awakened early (5:00 am). I told her 10:00. But that we could leave earlier if were ready. Around 8:00 she was on her iPad in bed and asked me what time we were leaving. I told her 10:00. She got up and started to get ready. At 9:00 she told me if she were not ready when I was ready, I could just wait. That is what I have been doing since. Just before 10:30 I went to the back of the house where she was putting up some clothes. She asked what I wanted. I told her I was just checking and wondered if she had a progress report. She asked me what time we were leaving. I told her we were going to leave 30 minutes ago. Then she panicked and said, “Why didn’t you tell me?” I told her that I did. She insisted that I hadn’t. I told her I was sorry. She has been scrambling ever since though it looks like she could be ready any minute.

She just called to me. She wanted to know where her boots were. I told her the last I had seen they were on the bed in the bedroom.