Lost and Found

After the morning lecture yesterday, Kate was hungry. I got her a melon tart to tide her over until we got to lunch. I took her to a bench outside The Amp and told her to sit there while I took our cushions back to the room. When I returned, she was gone. I looked all over. When I saw Ellen and Ann, I told them to go to Hurlbut Church, and we would meet them. Ellen called to say that Kate was at the church already. I was relieved, but the frightening thing is that she had forgotten in the short time that I was coming back for her. When I reached her at the church, I didn’t say anything.

Today she left the Hall of Christ where we were going to watch Bishop Spong on a closed circuit TV presentation. She got up to use the restroom and never came back. An hour and a half later, she arrived on the front porch of our hotel. I had been looking all over for her during an hour of that time. So had Ellen and Ann. When I reached her on the porch, I said that she must have been walking around the grounds. She said, “You know me and directions.”