Fun with the Texas Grandson

Now that the twins have gone we are down to one grandson, but the fun continues. Kate has always, and continues, to enjoy being around the grandchildren. This year is no different. We had a good day with Taylor yesterday. We swam in the morning, went to Chick-fil-A for lunch, saw a movie, had ice cream at Marble Slab, came back home for another swim, went to dinner, and topped off the day with a game of Battle which he won.

The enjoyment that Kate has gotten from the grandchildren is making me think more seriously of planning something for next summer even if we don’t have them one at a time. The reason I am not considering having them one at a time is that I am not sure that I can handle both Kate and the grandchildren. On the other hand, if she is still as easy to care for as she is now, we could do it another summer.

We loved the movie yesterday. At least I did. Taylor said he thought it was interesting. Kate wasn’t taken with it at all. It was Million Dollar Arm. It is about a sports agent who brings a couple of guys from India to the US to learn how to pitch. It is based on a true story, but Kate did not realize it until the end when they showed the real people. I had read her the description of the movie before going, but not surprisingly she didn’t get the part about the “true” part. I never thought to emphasize that to her. In fact, I didn’t think of that as a critical part. It was just a good story. This is the kind of thing that happens every day. I try to prepare her for things, but I just can’t anticipate what is going on in her mind. Nevertheless, I always try to think what I could have done to avoid confusion. It is similar to her panic when she couldn’t find me at Great Wolf the other day. I never thought she would be confused about my whereabouts, or I would have clearly told her I was going with the grandchildren and would be back. I thought she heard the conversation and saw me leave. It is a sign that she is not even listening much of the time. It must be such a strain trying to follow everything that is said and going on. She just tunes out.