A Few People Know

This Thursday I went in to the church for a communications committee meeting. I spoke to one of the administrative assistants  who took me into the pastor’s conference room and asked if she was supposed to know something. I looked puzzled. She indicated I had said something about Kate in a conversation the previous weekend and wondered. She then asked if Kate were all right. I hesitated and then asked for her confidence and told her that Kate has Alzheimer’s. She seemed surprised, but I have suspected she has known since spoke with our pastor two years ago this summer.

The other thing to add now is that I believe Kate is noticeably worse now and that people are going to begin noticing that something is not right. I have decided to tell my friends Tom and Stan so they will understand some of the things that I am doing. I know they are puzzled by the degree to which we eat out, that I am taking Kate everywhere, and that we are not intending to buy another car. I am also thinking of telling Ellen. As Kate’s best friend, I think she needs to know.