Odds and Ends

We still have not found Kate’s driver’s license. That means I am driving her wherever she needs to go. This Thursday is her monthly PEO meeting. I know she would like to drive since she wants to take a neighbor with her this week. I am not optimistic about finding it before then.

I got five phone calls from Dad between 1:52 and 2:12 this morning. He said he didn’t know where he was. He said he was on the floor and his legs were on each side of the commode.( I called Mountain Valley, but the phone never answered. I have since discovered that a lightning strike the other night damaged the phone system. It is now working.)

I got a couple of calls from him while I was at the Y this morning. He still did not know where he was and couldn’t find his call button. Dad has been going down and continues to have these periodic experiences in which he finds himself some place other than Mountain Valley. He is generally looking for help in getting him back where he belongs.