Even More

Several things have happened since my last post. I don’t have much time right now, but I would like to jot down some events that I may come back to later. The first involves the neighborhood association newsletter. This is something she started working on early last fall. We just got the printed newsletter back from Staples. A week ago Friday or Saturday, she asked for my help with two things. The first was to get her newsletter out. The second was to help her take care of her obligations for her grant applicants for PEO. I told her I would do so. She had a terrible time both comprehending and remembering what it is she is to do. She asked me to listen in on a phone conversation with the woman who chairs the grants committee so that I would know what she is to do. We did that. Then she got confused again and had to call her back another time. We got it straightened out. She has to write two letters of recommendation. She’s already done one and still needs to do another.

On Thursday, I reminded her that she had an appointment to get her hair done. Although I had reminded her several times, it slipped her mind. She left in the car. I got a call a short time later. She couldn’t remember exactly where the hairdresser’s salon is located. I talked her through it, and she finally recognized where she was going. This reinforced our intention to get her to use the GPS when she is going places. We both agreed that I would enter a number of places into the GPS to make it easier for her each time she needs to go someplace. I used it today to help her get to a neighbor’s house. It looks like it is not as user-friendly as she needs; so I will look for something simpler.

All these things tell me that a year from now she is bound to be in a situation where people begin to recognize her condition. I will be especially interested in the children when we are together next month.