An Example of What It is Like.

Kate and I are leaving Thursday for Fort Worth for our 50th TCU class reunion. I just got an email she sent to the secretary of our music club. In it she says she is free for a meeting this Friday morning or Monday morning. I called her to remind her that we will be in Texas both those times. She had forgotten. She repeatedly forgets the moment to moment things although she remembers many things from the past. These must be troublesome things for her. In fact, although we don’t talk specifically about AD, we have so many of these experiences that she doesn’t have to say anything for me to suspect how frustrating it is for her.

The other day she had some simple problem on the computer, and she said something about “This is going to be a long road.”

I bought new phones at the house about 6 weeks ago. One has been missing for at least 2 weeks. We have remotes that go with each TV in the house. They are not interchangeable. The one in our bedroom disappeared a few weeks ago; so we borrow from another one when we need it, but it won’t do all the same things the correct one will do.