Two Quick Things

Here are 2 examples of the types of memory problems that are occurring regularly.

1. For several years we have used our house as a periodic B&B as a fundraiser for Kate’s PEO chapter. Last night and tonight we are hosting 2 ladies from Erie, PA. We got the call about this B&B approximately 4-6 weeks ago. Last week we received a reminder call. Kate and I talked about it, and she added it to her calendar. On Tuesday evening she called our housekeeper to ask if she could come yesterday instead of tomorrow to help her get ready for our guests. I reminded her it was Wednesday and Thursday. We got a call from one of the guests who said they would be in around 1:00 pm or so on Wednesday. I communicated this to Kate. When I got home from the office around noon, she was trimming the shrubs outside. I said, “You must be feeling pressure.” She asked why, and I said they would be here soon. It turns out she was thinking it would be Thursday and not Wednesday when they would arrive. She then did begin to panic.

2. Sometimes she indicates she wants to do something and then forgets about it. For example, she is working on an update of the neighborhood directory. This was prompted by a request from our new neighbors. Knowing how long it might take her to do a complete revision of the directory, I suggested she just send a copy of the existing directory. She firmly resisted this. I dropped it. Then I saw the neighbor on Sunday morning as I was walking. He mentioned the directory, and I told him Kate was making a revision right now. He said he would like to have one just as it is. I told Kate, and she said, “No problem.” And got one for him.