Spending Money

I have always been very careful about spending money. Since Kate’s diagnosis, I have found myself changing somewhat. I now attach a higher priority on making the most of my time with her. Sometimes I wonder what I will wish I had done when I had the chance. For that reason, I have found myself spending more money on experiences this year than in the past. For example, I just arranged for a trip to NYC in Dec at a B&B that sounds appealing. New York has always been a special place for us. We especially enjoy it around Christmas. We have traveled there more than any other single place. I will look forward to this trip knowing that the number of trips we make there will be fewer in the years ahead.

The other day I did something I wish I had not done. We were in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, and I had not arranged for international calling. That means that calling back to the US is more expensive than it would be otherwise. Kate made a phone call to her friend, Janice. Afterward I reminded her about the expense of international calling. She felt horrible. I tried to tell her it wasn’t that important but I shouldn’t have said anything. Being careful with spending is still a part of me. That is especially silly since the call could not have been more than a few dollars. I’m still learning to adapt.